Speaking Of Bill Collectors, One City Steps Up For Freelancers

william-shakespeare.jpgOne small company in the suburbs of Chicago allegedly owes freelancers nearly $10,000, reports the Northbrook Star.

While it’s not news that freelancers are having trouble getting paid, the case is especially onerous because if the allegations against Shakespeare Squared, an education publisher, are true, the company has been hiring new freelancers without paying the old ones.

The city is taking the matter seriously after receiving multiple complaints—the police department has assigned a detective to the case.

“He’s currently looking into this as a criminal or civil matter,” [Northbrook police commander Scott] Dunham said. “These situations are typically difficult to resolve in a criminal venue, but on occasion you can successfully do so. We have also reached out to the Illinois Attorney General.”

WritersWeekly has been tracking complaints against the company and is up to 17 as of last week.