SPCA Los Angeles President Blogs About Poop

It’s a TV sweeps ratings month, but still, the speed at which the local media operated yesterday in the wake of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors decision to ban plastic grocery bags is breathtaking. Within minutes of the pronouncement, SPCALA President Madeline Bernstein says she was fielding press calls about a suddenly most pressing residual issue: “What do people do with dog poop?”

Today, Berstein responds for the record at OpposingViews.com. Her take:

There are biodegradable, environmentally friendly poop bags… There are also reusable wood and metal pooper-scoopers on long sticks… These may not be as convenient as the disposable bags but they are worth it. We all have to unlearn bad behavior and make sacrifices for the greater good… Now, can we talk about something besides poop?

Sure. There’s this other matter, per the Society for the Protection and Preservation of Fire Hydrants. Just kidding. We think.

(Alternative solution photo courtesy of ChicagoNow.com)