Spanish Author Quits Publishing After Books Downloaded Illegally

Spanish author Lucía Etxebarri has decided to stop writing books after learning that copies of her work were illegally downloaded.

The author of Amor, curiosidad, prozac y duds has won various awards for her work, including the Planeta and Primavera award, which includes a large cash sum. Some people have questioned how a writer can quit over money.

TechEye has more: “Sci-fi and fantasy writer Storm Constantine, the author of the Wraeththu series of novels, believes that financial considerations should not take precedence over what is a compulsion for many. ‘While I understand Ms Etxebarria’s anger over her situation, I don’t empathise with her decision to quit writing,’ Constantine told TechEye. ‘Surely, authors write because it is in our blood, because it is ‘what we do’. ‘For many, myself included, it has never been primarily about the business side of things, even though it’s great if we can earn off our writing.'”

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