Souls: The Card Game brings ‘Triple Triad’ card battling to iOS and Android

Souls: The Card Game (aka Souls TCG) is a new card game for iOS and Android devices. The game is based on the minigame Triple Triad from the PlayStation 1 role-playing game Final Fantasy VIII, but adds a number of its own twists on the formula. The game is also designed as a teaser for French developer Procedural Activity’s upcoming Web-based game Souls, set for release later this year.

Triple Triad is a simple two-player card game which takes place on a square 3×3 grid. Players have a hand of cards that depict various monsters, each of which carries four numbers on its top, bottom, left and right sides. Competitors take it in turns to lay down a card on the grid. If a number on the card they lay down is greater than the number it touches on an adjacent card, the latter card flips over and is captured. For example, if one player lays a card down with a “2” on its left edge and the other lays a card with a “3” on its right edge, the second player captures the first card. Play then continues until the grid is full. The player with the most captured cards is declared the winner and gets a new card to add to their deck.

Souls TCG adds a couple of new mechanics to the simple but addictive mechanics of Triple Triad. Firstly, some boards have glowing power points which increase all numbers on a card laid atop it by one. Secondly, some cards carry elemental symbols, and laying these down on a square with a matching symbol increases all numbers on the relevant card by one.

The game has several different modes. Adventure Mode sees players traversing several elemental-themed worlds and winning cards from their opponents of the relevant elemental type. At the end of each world is a “boss” game, which must be beaten in order to progress. Cards earned in Adventure Mode may then be used in Free Play or Survival modes. Free Play is a basic “quick game” option where players challenge a single computer-controlled opponent, while Survival tasks players with winning as many consecutive games as possible. There are a number of Achievements built into the game which require the player to enjoy some success in each of these modes, but no Game Center or OpenFeint support at this time. There is no multiplayer either, which is a shame — the simple mechanics make it ideal for either real-time or asynchronous play.

Souls TCG is, at the time of writing, a decent adaptation of Triple Triad for mobile play. However, it feels unfinished. There is no music or sound in the game, for example — though the developer promises this is coming in the next update — and the lack of social support and multiplayer seems like a huge oversight in a game like this. Procedural Activity does appear to be open to suggestions. The developer has already updated and rebalanced the game based on community feedback.

As a new release, Souls TCG is not yet listed on the App Store leaderboards. Once it is, you’ll be able to use our tracking service AppData to follow its progress through the App Store charts.

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