SOTU Dinner With One Hundred New Yorkers’


Last night the Atlantic magazine hosted its annual ‘State of the Union Dinner with One Hundred New Yorkers’ at The Plaza. Many of the fishbowlny constituency attended, including: Charlie Rose (when does this man sleep?), Harry Evans and Tina Brown, Sam Newhouse Jr. and Ellen Breslow-Newhouse, Page Six’s Richard Johnson, Vanity Fair’s Bob Colacello, Peggy Siegal, George Rush and Jon Friedman. From NYSocialDiary:

”At one end of the room suspended in front of the orchestra stage was a large video screen. James Fallows, the Atlantic’s editor and once a State of the Union speechwriter (with Jimmy Carter) took the podium, talked about the different State of the Union addresses over the years, and then he explained the evening: we’d eat, then watch the SOU speech and then be asked some questions, as a group.”

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(image via nysocialdiary)