Soros, so good: DreamWorks library finally sold

Billionaire George Soros is buying the DreamWorks library, for now freeing up a large chunk of cash at Paramount thereby completing what is likely the most-expensive talent holding deal in history: Essentially, all Paramount is getting is Steven Spielberg and David Geffen on the lot, a point of view taken by most Wall Street analysts.

Instead of mentioning the usual snarky talking points about how Paramount is still in bad shape, still needs summer pictures, et al., we’ll focus on the exciting Soros arrival into Hollywood proper.

The currency maven’s arrival is well-timed and most welcome. To use a phrase another George might appreciate, it will “bring balance to the Force.”

With super-conservative Phillip Anschutz now a made guy in Hollywood, thanks to “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe,” the liberal billionaire Hollywood outsider contingent was woefully understaffed.

Now, with any luck, Soros will also want to get into production business, too, and that means we can expect to see “The Lion, the Witch and Socialized Medicine” in theaters by early 2008.