Sony Ericsson Demos A Tree That Tweets

Sony Ericsson is showcasing a Tweeting Tree at the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The demonstration is an attempt to prove that Sony Ericsson is gearing up for the next age of connectivity aka Internet of Things, that would enable things to communicate with each other and with humans.

The tree is connected to a device that turns it into an electromagnetic field sensor – which enables the tree to detect motion. This motion data is then processed by an analysis engine, which communicates the Tree’s reactions to Twitter. In addition to the analysis engine, the Tree is connected to a local visual engine, which produces lights and sounds.

“Our Twittering Tree senses changes in the electromagnetic field around it as people pass, and sends Tweets that reflect its mood directly to its Twitter account, ConnectedTree” – says Sony Ericsson. “This tree also reacts to people’s presence and movements by playing music, speaking and turning on and off lights.”

The ConnectedTree’s responses are intelligent and reflect the reality in the vicinity. So if someone moves away from the Tree, it will express its “loneliness” with a specific tune and a tweet. When the Tree is showered with attention by several visitors, the Tree responds by commenting about how busy it is.

With the demonstration of the tree, Sony Ericsson is trying to highlight that even things could communicate with humans in meaningful ways. Imagine your tree in the backyard sending out a Tweet, when it needs watering, or your dog’s collar sending out a tweet when its hungry.

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