Sony Online Entertainment Launches PoxNora For Facebook, Promises More Games

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), one of the largest and most successful online gaming companies of all time, has launched its first Facebook game, entitled PoxNora. PoxNora was previously available for play at, and was hugely successful. The game was in fact acquired by SOE in January 2009, and has accumulated 2.5 million registered accounts so far. The game is a turn-based strategy game and collectable card game set in a fantasy universe. Sony also announced that they will “follow this inaugural Facebook launch of PoxNora with additional games for the Facebook platform based on both existing franchises and new intellectual property”.

PoxNora is a great fit for social games, with the key microtransaction and community elements being easily applicable to the Facebook gaming community. Furthermore, the game will make integrations into the Facebook API so users can post status updates and invite their Facebook friends. Although this is Sony’s first foray into social games on Facebook, they have created several successful games with various social components before. Everquest is known as one of the first popular Massively Multiplayer Online Games, and Everquest II is still active. Those are games with vibrant communities, where socializing with other players is crucial.

An interesting note is that when you first login to the game, you see that you can link your account with your Sony Station account to access Sony’s payment options. We’ll see how this game’s currencies and microtransactions system evolve in the future, and whether they leverage tools like Facebook Credits. Since they also announced new games, perhaps we may see a unified currency from them as well. We’ll keep you posted.