Sony Ericsson Grows ‘Green’ Phone

greenphone.jpgThe Sony Ericsson T650i is the “greenest” cell phone on the market, according to Greenpeace. The environmental group’s “Searching for Green Electronics” study evaluated products that were on the market between August and November. It looked at a total of 37 mobile phones, notebook and desktop PCs and PDAs from the 14 companies that responded to its request for products, PC World reports.

Not only did the Sony Ericsson device receive the best score for a mobile phone, its 5.30 out of 10 was the highest score overall. According to the article, Greenpeace evaluated the products based on “use of toxic chemicals, energy efficiency, recyclability and marketing.”

Greenpeace hopes that its published results will show manufacturers that they can build products that have less of an effect on the environment than current offerings and help push other companies in the same direction.