Sony Ericsson Aspen Runs Windows Mobile 6.5.3 But Can’t Show Off WinMo’s New Features

Image courtesy of Sony Ericsson

I have to admit that I still haven’t updated my Touch Pro2 to Windows Mobile 6.5 even though T-Mobile USA released it a week or two ago (and I was grumbling about its delay for months earlier). So, this item on Engadget…

Sony Ericsson Aspen: first with Windows Mobile 6.5.3

…drew just mild interest from despite what looks like a very nicely designed phone from Sony Ericsson. I probably wouldn’t have read the announcement at all except for the note that it has a minor point update of Windows Mobile. So…

What’s new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3 (ZDNet)

– Capacitive touchscreen support
– Multitouch enabled
– Touch controls throughout the system (but not apps, I would guess)

Unfortunately, if you look at the Aspen’s product page…

Sony Ericsson Aspen Business Partner with a Conscience

…you’ll note that it has a resistive touchscreen. So, it can’t take advantage of 6.5.3’s capacitive screen support. I suspect its small and relatively low resolution screen (2.4 inches 240×320) doesn’t make it very touch friendly either. But, I’ll be happy to be proved wrong on that count by someone who actually has a chance to test the phone.