Sony Cancels 30 Days of Night Small Town Opening

Sony seems to hate small town America. On last night’s Geekerati radio show, Christian Johnson interviewed Jeff Mariotte, writer of two tie-in novels for 30 Days of Night which opens Friday. Mariotte was Editor in Chief of IDW comics when 30 Days of Night first appeared on the scene. Johnson writes:

Jeff had been planning with his local independent movie theater (The Twin Box in Douglas, AZ) to do a signing during the film’s opening this Friday. He figured that he could use his connection to the product as a way to promote his local theater. Everything was going fine until this Sunday. Sony, IDW, and Pocket Books had all provided promotional materials to be given away and Sony had even taken a “four sheet” ad out in the local paper promoting the release of the movie. The local theater spent a decent sum promoting the event themselves. Everything was going fine and everyone was happy with Sony, until they found out on Sunday that Sony had decided to postpone the Douglas release until November 2nd.

What’s Sony’s thinking? Do they want to test market 30 Days in LA before rolling it out in Douglas, AZ? Or are they shrinking the entire release saturation?