SongPop continues its chart-topping performance with this week’s fastest-growing Facebook games by DAU

FreshPlanet’s SongPop is continuing to outperform the other fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users, its 400,000 DAU this week (a 27 percent gain) let it take the top spot on the list.

EA’s SimCity Social debuted on the list this week, taking the No. 2 spot with 329,400 DAU for a 54,900 percent gain. Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM came in at No. 3, bringing in 150,000 DAU for a 188 percent increase. Social Point’s Dragon City snagged the No. 4 position with a 16 percent growth of 110,000 DAU. Finally,’s Pyramid Solitaire Saga grabbed the No. 5 spot with its 100,000 DAU, up 8 percent.

Five other game on the list show gains greater than 100 percent. Hangman was up by 20,000 MAU, a 200 percent increase. LottoRace’s eponymous LottoRace took in 19,997 DAU, a 666,567 percent growth. IGG’s Spanish-language role-playing game GodsWar: El Mejor 3D Juego De Fantasía (“GodsWar: The Best 3D Fantasy Game”) grew by 16,000 DAU, a 400 percent growth. IGG had another RPG appear on the list: The recently-launched Moonlight Online bringing in 13,000 DAU for a 186 percent gain. Finally, the Spanish-language pet sim ¿Qué piensas acerca de mí? (“What do you think about me?”) grew by 12,000 DAU, a 150 percent increase.

1.  SongPop1,900,000+400,000+ 27%
2.  SimCity Social330,000+329,400+ 54,900%
3.  Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM230,000+150,000+ 188%
4.  Dragon City790,000+110,000+ 16%
5.  Pyramid Solitaire Saga1,400,000+100,000+ 8%
6.  Panda Jam140,000+60,000+ 75%
7.  Jewels of the Amazon270,000+40,000+ 17%
8.  Bubble Atlantis150,000+30,000+ 25%
9.  Gardens of Time860,000+30,000+ 4%
10.  Mirrorball Slots210,000+20,000+ 11%
11.  Baseball Heroes270,000+20,000+ 8%
12.  Bubble Saga780,000+20,000+ 3%
13.  Hangman30,000+20,000+ 200%
14.  Games on Mindjolt370,000+20,000+ 6%
15.  LottoRace20,000+19,997+ 666,567%
16.  GodsWar: El Mejor 3D Juego De Fantasía20,000+16,000+ 400%
17.  Moonlight Online (PH) – Best 3D20,000+13,000+ 186%
18.  ¿Qué piensas acerca de mí?20,000+12,000+ 150%
19.  Jewel Kingdom90,000+10,000+ 13%
20.  The Price Is Right Slots230,000+10,000+ 5%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.

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