Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark (And It Built the iBook G4)


Speaking of laptops and Apple (that’s weird how that works out), news broke recently in Denmark that the Consumer Complaints Board there is going after Apple for that they say is a original design defect within the iBook G4, resulting in users finding their screens won’t work after one year, which, of course, is the length of the company’s warranty (we learned all about this by way of Business 2.0‘s blog). Apparently, owners have long known about the defect and have tried to get Apple to acknowledge the problem, but have yet to have any luck. With this announcement from the Board, movement could be afoot to go after the company. Here’s a little from Forbrug:

The investigation showed that a solder joint between two components had broken, so that current could no longer pass through them. It also showed that the breakage occurs because the solder joint loosens slightly every time the computer is turned on and off.

“It is a bit like a person dying a little bit every time he breathes because the cells break down. In the same way, the computer dies a little every time you turn it on and off”, says Frederik Boesgaard Navne, the Consumer Complaints Board lawyer who has been dealing with these cases.