Somebody Loves the Apple Watch

That's some serious earned media.

So far, the best verdict on the Apple Watch comes from Farhad Manjoo of The New York Times: it looks cool, but I’ll wait for the later versions.

Others were less kind.

Yesterday, both Funny or Die and College Humor played on that sentiment with video clips. The best part about the former (which also created an amusing “Should You Buy an Apple Watch?” graph) is that its video opens with a preroll Samsung ad:

Kind of funny, if a bit long. Here’s College Humor’s take:

So lots of people were “taking the piss.” Apple did score what AdAge calls “significant earned media,” though, thanks in part to this BuzzFeed video:

Mark Bergen argues that the video above signifies a more open PR strategy for Apple, which has always been a notoriously secretive company.

Apple didn’t pay for that rave review, but it’s hard to imagine a more positive placement (“it’s going to change the way we talk to each other”), and the clip has more than 750,000 views at the moment.

Maybe the company was so excited about the positive press that it forgot to fix the Apple Store.