Some Innovation and Design Advice for the President-Elect


The best part of the post-election is that columnists stop writing what candidates should do to win and start telling the person who won what they should absolutely be doing now that it’s all over. But it isn’t all finance and environmental and hiring advice, there’s some design pushes in there too. Just recently, BusinessWeek‘s Janeanne Rae made some suggestions with “What Obama Needs to Know About Innovation” about how the President-elect will have to figure out how to make better-design and forward-thinking a central goal during his time in the White House. She offers up a couple of case studies on who has done what, in which companies, in learning how to turn things around and move forward. Meanwhile, in the same magazine just a few days prior, Bruce Nussbaum writes a very similar piece with an open letter to Obama which has a title that ends in “You Need An Innovation Dream Team.” He pushes things a bit further by offering recommendations to lead said team, people like IBM‘s CEO, Sam Palmisano and a local fella, Patrick Whitney, design department dean of Chicago’s own Illinois Institute of Technology. Both are interesting pieces, to be taken simply as the advice it is, but certainly well-worth thinking about as, judging from his campaign, the President-elect seems to take design and innovation thinking pretty seriously. Is now a good time to mention that we’re available for any and all cabinet posts?