SocialToo To Begin Charging For Daily Email Notices

SocialToo is a web-based service that provides a lot of helpful tools to Twitter users, including auto-follows, auto-unfollows, follower synchronisation, and more.

One of the best features on SocialToo is the daily email they send out which notifies you which folk have followed and, more importantly, unfollowed you on Twitter in the last 24 hours.

I use this service, and find it an interesting source of data. SocialToo informs you at which point the person unfollowed by displaying your most recent tweet – this isn’t scientific data, but sometimes it can be useful to explain why somebody might have unfollowed you.

For example, I’ve noticed I tend to lose followers whenever I share any content that’s related to sex, even if it’s from a well-received newspaper like the New York Times or The Guardian. It doesn’t make me change my content, but if I suddenly started getting loads of unfollowers, it’s a bit like losing lots of RSS subscribers – it can make you think a little about what you are doing.

It also helps notify me of people who have unfollowed me who I really like and respect. Accidents happen, and more often than not I’ve found that if you politely contact this person it usually turns out to be a mistake (on their part or Twitter’s) – whether it actually is a mistake is not for me to say. 🙂

It’s true that most of my daily unfollows are spammers, usually because they’ve been removed by Twitter, but there’s enough of interest there to make me value the product. But at what price? How about $20? Because from Monday, May 11, SocialToo will begin to charge for this useful feature.

To be honest, when I first read this, my initial thought was, “It’s great when it works, but for a good month or so my daily email was telling me I had zero new follows, and zero unfollows, and I don’t think that’s happened to anyone on Twitter, ever.” It’s been fine the past week or so, but was extremely glitchy for most of April. To be fair, they have been working on upgrades, and this in part explains the new monetization, but downtime is downtime.

That said, I like what they’re saying about dedicated servers. If they’re true to their word and you do get the upgrade advertised, I’ll almost certainly hand over my twenty bucks. It’ll be interesting to see if the upgrade doesn’t deliver, whether you can get your money back.

So here’s my question: If you’re a SocialToo user, will you pay? Is this feature worth $20 to you?

Note that if use SocialToo and decide not to pay for the daily emails, the rest of the service will be unaffected. You’ll simply stop receiving the daily update.

UPDATE: SocialToo have updated their blog about this, promising that as well as the email updates, the move to the new dedicated server “will enable us to run your account much more frequently and also auto-follow and re-cache much more frequently for your account, meaning a much more accurate and reliable service for you. “

So that twenty dollars perhaps goes a little further that originally implied. Moreover, reading between the lines, one can assume that if you don’t pay, your free service might be slightly compromised, or at least perhaps not as optimal as you’d like, if the service continues to grow in popularity. Which is perhaps fair enough; the internet is and always will be about making a lot of things free, but sometimes you have to pay a little to get the good stuff.