The Social Olympics And The Twitter Games [INFOGRAPHIC]

While it’s actually been quietly chugging along for a couple of days now, the 2012 London Olympics really starts today, with the opening ceremony set to take place at 9pm UK time (4pm ET).

As we’ve discussed before, this is the first Olympics that will be covered in real time by social media, and Twitter will play a huge part. Indeed, everybody is forecasting data records to be set – the BBC is expecting one terabit per second of traffic.

Based on the number of Twitter followers, the most popular sport of this year’s Games is, uh, equestrian, ahead of swimming and volleyball. Note that these numbers were taken almost a month ago, and have likely changed significantly as the lead up to the Games has begun. Basketball is, by all accounts, generating an enormous amount of buzz, and Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are the athletes with the most fans.

This infographic from ExactTarget takes a closer look at what will surely be a very social, and very Twitter, Olympic Games.

(Source: ExactTarget. Olympic sports image via Shutterstock.)