53% Of UK Smartphone Owners Check Twitter And Facebook During Romantic Meals [STUDY]

Whipping out your iPhone or Android device and checking your email, text messages and social media updates when you’re on the move has quickly become an everyday part of many of our lives, particularly when we find ourselves in queues or other occasions where killing time is high priority.

But there are limits, right?

Seemingly not, at least according to a new study, which has revealed that more than half of UK social networkers check Twitter and Facebook on their smartphones during romantic meals.

The survey, which was conducted by Curry’s and PC World, found that 53 percent of Britons owned up to contacting up to ten friends during romantic dinners.

Overall, 65 percent of respondents admitted to checking their social media updates during (all) restaurant meals – two-thirds Facebook and one-third Twitter. Uploading photos, checking in and posting status updates were the most common activities.

Perhaps surprisingly, women were found to be more likely to be using social networking sites during meals out than men, but were equally more likely to complain if they felt that their partner was using social media instead of talking to them.

“As our survey shows, our views on technology use are changing,” said Curry’s spokesperson Ben Lovett. “It’s interesting to see the majority are now positive about the use of social media.”

(Source: The Wall. Smartphone image via Shutterstock.)