Z2Live Funding Shows Social Mobile Gaming Platforms Still Growing

z2live logoAs the iPhone grows in popularity, so does the social gaming space within it. However, not all are developing games for the mobile device. Many, in fact, are developing platforms for the games themselves, and it is something we have seen before from companies such as ngmoco, Aurora Feint, and Scoreloop. Well, a new player will be joining that group as just last week mobile social gaming platform creator, Z2Live announced a second round of funding from Madrona Venture Group worth $3 million.

The total adds to the $1 million raised from the same investor last year, and will be utilized to develop what the Seattle-based developer describes as the “first mobile multiplayer game platform.” According to the company, the platform supports asynchronous casual games, racing titles, RPGs, and, in the future, first-person shooters. In addition to the wide level of games support, the Z2Live platform also plans to incorporate push notification, voice chat, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace integration, virtual goods, analytics, game lobbies, and about half a dozen more features.

Currently, the platform is free to use, but Z2Live does take a portion of any revenue generated by its supported games. However, considering the sophistication of the platform, it certainly seems like a worthwhile and viable option.

[via TechCrunch]