Can You Use Twitter At Work? Social Media And The Workplace [STUDY]

Does your business have a social media policy? While it’s certainly true that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have become an integral part of the marketing campaigns for many brands, it seems like every other week we read about some publicity disaster because a disgruntled employee, PR firm or naïve CEO tweets something offensive or plain stupid from a corporate account.

This infographic from Mindflash looks at how companies are policing social media in the workplace.

Key takeaways:

  • 70.7% of those surveyed say that social networking sites are actively blocked at work
  • Of those who permit the use social media at work, 72.6% say it is unmonitored
  • 55.1% of the firms surveyed have social networking policies in place
  • 55.2% think the use of social media at work is advantageous for business use, whilst being disadvantageous for non-business use

The visual also looks at the two typical approaches firms take when using social media in the office: damage control (defensive) and raising brand awareness (proactive).

Bottom line? I’m not convinced any organisation needs a social media rulebook, but a one-sheet printout of common sense tips regarding the use of Twitter and Facebook in the office should definitely be on everyone’s desk. Especially the one used by your boss.

(Source: Mindflash.)