Social Media Tracking Platform Closes $4.25M in Funding

Social media tracking platform closed a $4.25 million second round of funding led by Foundry Group with participation from previous investor GRP Partners.

When we last covered the platform back in 2009 when it was first launched, offered content publishers a button-style widget called that allowed clients to Share articles on Facebook and track the clicks through the link. In the last two years, the platform has evolved to include other social networks like Twitter and developed a more sophisticated set of APIs that allows content publishers more insight into who is Liking and Sharing their posts on Facebook, and who among those converts to paying customers for the content publisher.

It’s this extra layer of analysis that makes valuable to content publishers; anyone can pay to run a Like campaign on Facebook, but there aren’t a lot of resources that let publishers analyze just how much a Like is worth to them. As Co-Founder Jonathan Strauss tells us, viral sharing on Facebook “isn’t as Wild West as it used to be, so this data is more valuable because you can see a results-driven timeline [of your posted content].”

Though now provides tracking across a number of social networks, the developer still has some Facebook-specific features. Strauss explains that there are special systems for tracking results of Likes and Sends generated from external sites (say, from Yahoo News), something he believes is unique in that content producers can track the value of a Like generated off-Facebook versus a Like generated on a Facebook post of the same content. Now that Facebook has introduced seamless sharing for content from certain publishers — like news media outlets — can shed some light on how effective the virality and conversion rates are for seamless Like and Share activity compared to Likes and Shares of traditional Facebook posts.

This second round brings’s total funding to $5.25 million. The funds will be put toward growing the San Francisco-based company’s five-person headcount.

Correction: A previous draft of this story incorrectly termed this as a first round of funding.

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