How To Use Social Media To Find The Personal Info Of Complete Strangers (And Really Freak Them Out)

When you’re sharing photos on Instagram, writing tweets on Twitter and updating your status on Facebook, do you ever give any thought to the information that you’re sending out to the world?

No? Well, maybe you should, because, as this video demonstrates, it’s incredibly easy for a complete stranger to find out an awful lot about you just from the things you say and do on social media. Particularly if you have your location information turned on.

Filmmaker Jack Vale wanted to see how easy it would be to get the personal information of strangers – and, of course, totally freak them out – simply by using the closet Twitter, Instagram and other social media posts to his current location.

And the results? Check the video below for all the goodness, and perhaps give a little more thought about exactly what – and, as importantly, where – you share to social media in the future.

(“Hacker” image via Shutterstock.)