Small Business Owners Prefer Facebook And LinkedIn To Twitter And Google+, Says Survey [STUDY]

The social media revolution is well and truly upon us, but some small business owners are still struggling with integrating these tools into their marketing and sales campaigns.

Social media marketing firm iContact polled more than 1,000 small business owners on how they used and rated Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Groupon. Facebook led all platforms by approval, but one in four of the businesses surveyed don’t use social media at all.

Feelings across the different social networks was mixed, and heavily dependent on the industry of the business that was polled.

  • Facebook was the most highly-rated of all the social platforms, with a 75 percent approval rating. Businesses in the travel and tourism industry rated Facebook at 90 percent
  • LinkedIn ranked second, with 63 percent of all the businesses rating it favorably (84 percent of businesses with annual revenues of more than $25 million liked LinkedIn)
  • Twitter fared less well, with just 56 percent giving the platform a favorable rating. Twitter scored best amongst businesses involved in government and politics, with almost an 80 percent approval rating
  • Google+ rated 48 percent, and Groupon just 30 percent

“It’s not surprising that there are a few staunch holdouts, but the social revolution is here, and three-fourths of our respondents find tremendous value in it,” said Ryan Allis, CEO of iContact. “We’ve seen email marketing make an incredible impact on our customers’ businesses, and social media is growing so quickly it may soon eclipse email audiences, giving small businesses the power to sell and market their services in new, affordable and viral ways.”

(Source: iContact.)