What If The 2012 Presidential Elections Were Decided On Facebook And Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who would win the 2012 presidential elections if the vote was decided right now by the popularity of the individual candidates on Twitter and Facebook?

Well, perhaps not all that surprisingly, it would be current President Barack Obama, who has over five times as many Twitter followers as all the Republican candidates combined. But what about the opposition?

This isn’t an entirely sound metric, of course. One, because it’s nonsense – elections don’t work this way (thankfully, otherwise Justin Bieber would be King of the World). And two, Obama is the President and has been active (and prolific) on social media since 2007, so he has something of a head start.

But elections are popularity contests, so the standing of the various Republican presidential nominees on Twitter and Facebook might give us a little insight into the most likely challenger to Obama in 2012.

(Or not, in Newt Gingrich’s case.)

This infographic from Favo.rs takes a look at how the presidential election would look if it was decided by social media.

(Source: Favo.rs.)