Social Media Newsfeed: Pope to Altar Servers: Put Down Your Smartphones | Facebook Video Ads

Pope encourages German altar servers to put down their smartphones. On Facebook, video ads aren't coming for small businesses -- yet. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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PopeUsiePope Francis Urges Young People Not To Waste Time on Internet (NBC News)
Pope Francis on Tuesday urged 50,000 German altar servers not to waste time on the Internet, smartphones and television, but to spend their time on more productive activities. “Maybe many young people waste too many hours on futile things,” the pope said in a short speech to the altar servers — young people who help the priest during religious services — who had come to Rome on a pilgrimage. CNET The pope clarified some categories that he thought comprised the not-good and the futile: “Chatting on the Internet or with smartphones, watching TV soap operas, and [using] the products of technological progress, which should simplify and improve the quality of life, but distract attention away from what is really important.” Some might find it odd that he didn’t mention Google Glass. Gawker Pope Francis also issued this important warning on his Twitter account: “If you hoard material possessions, they will rob you of your soul. RT The 77-year-old head of the Catholic Church, who has Twitter accounts in several languages – including the English-language @Pontifex with 4.3 million followers – has had ambivalent thoughts on the internet, calling it a “gift from God,” but also cautioning that it should be used properly. According to Pope Francis, the high-speed world of online social media needed calm, reflection and tenderness if it was to be “a network not of wires but of people.

Facebook’s New Video Ads Aren’t Ready for Small Businesses — Yet (Re/code)
Facebook, which has more than 1.5 million small- and midsize-business advertisers, offered “boot camp”-style ad conferences at five U.S. cities over the past two months. What wasn’t covered, however, was video, an ad format Facebook will expand over the coming months.

Twitter Just Dropped a Huge Hint That it Will Introduce Shopping Services (The Next Web)
The evidence that Twitter is planning a move into e-commerce is stacking up, after a handful of users noticed a new (and seemingly dormant) setting for “payment and shipping” inside the company’s Android app. The setting was first highlighted by user @am_Bix, who found the option — which cannot be activated or opened at this point — buried inside the settings menu.

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The 10 Most Popular People on Twitter [Stats] (AllTwitter)
Katy Perry, who became the first person to reach 50 million followers in January of this year, remains the most-followed individual on Twitter, with a lead that is now closing in on 2 million followers over second-placed (and former number one) Justin Bieber. The biggest news this month is the addition of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo into the top 10, who has added close to 1 million new followers over the past four weeks.

HootSuite, Get Satisfaction: Make Brand Fans, Lots of Them (VentureBeat)
Make sure your brand has lots of fans online because you might need them someday. That’s the advice from social media relationship platform HootSuite, and social community provider Get Satisfaction, in a panel Tuesday on customer loyalty at VentureBeat’s GrowthBeat 2014.

Facebook Adds Ad Scheduling to Power Editor (AllFacebook)
Facebook quietly added a huge new feature to its Power Editor, giving advertisers who use lifetime budgets the ability to schedule hours during which their ads should or should not run. Readers Abs Elmaz of Social House Media, Wilco de Kreij and Or Fialkov of Fialkov Digital alerted AllFacebook about the new feature and shared the screenshots featured in this post.

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Google To Recognize Emails That Use Special Characters (The Huffington Post)
Google has become the first major email provider to let people create email addresses made up of both letters with accent marks and letters from outside the Latin alphabet. In a blog post, Google notes that means someone with the name José Ramón can finally get the Gmail address “JoséRamó” he’s desired for so long.

Roy Sekoff of HuffPost Live: ‘We Set Out to Expand the Definition of Social TV’ (LostRemote)
“I wake up most mornings simultaneously terrified and inspired,” Roy Sekoff, president and co-creator of HuffPost Live, told Lost Remote. Why? Because the TV and digital video landscape is changing at “an almost comically rapid pace,” and HuffPost Live is at the forefront of this revolution.

How to Stop Fighting on Facebook (The Wall Street Journal)
In a summer packed with divisive world events such as fighting in the Gaza Strip, Ukraine and Afghanistan, as well as heated domestic politics, Facebook News Feeds are lighting up. Add to that the usual neighborhood gossip and debates about whether jazz is dead.

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