Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Ads | No Social Media on 9/11

Facebook to take users' feedback into consideration when showing ads to friends. Co-founder of Modern Loss is thankful social media wasn't around on 9/11. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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NewFacebookLogoNews Feed: Facebook Places More Emphasis on Why Users Reject Ads (AllFacebook)
When users indicate that they don’t want to see specific ads, Facebook will take into account the reasons why those users rejected those ads when decided whether or not to serve them to other users. And more weight will be given to feedback from users who rarely or infrequently reject ads, compared with input from serial ad rejecters. Inside Facebook Facebook noted that those who rarely hide ads ended up hiding 30 percent fewer advertisements after giving feedback: “We know that a small group of people share feedback less frequently than others, and this is especially true for ads. So, we’ll now weight feedback differently based on how often someone hides ads and other content in their News Feed.” The Wall Street Journal The purpose of the update is twofold. On one hand it should improve Facebook’s user experience by helping it to avoid showing irrelevant marketer content to its members. Perhaps more important for Facebook’s ad partners, the data it gleans from users will be used to help it target ads more effectively, which should also help boost their effectiveness. Re/code Facebook tinkers with News Feed regularly to show content users actually want to see. User feedback — whether explicit or not — is usually the strongest indicator for what Facebook shows you. ZDNet At scale, this theme revolves around the concept that managers should listen to the quiet types as much as the outgoing ones when it comes to ideas. For Facebook, learning why someone hides an ad is critical.

Quartz: Thankfully, Social Media Didn’t Exist on 9/11 (SocialTimes)
Gabrielle Birkner, co-founder of Modern Loss, penned a post in Quartz Thursday, expressing gratitude that social media did not exist during 9/11. While recognizing that social media can lead to meaningful action, Birkner analyzes how social media could have diluted the sense of community support in the aftermath of the attacks.

Facebook Apologizes for Blocking ‘Gory’ Image of Sick Baby (U)
Facebook says it unintentionally blocked fundraising ads for an infant needing a heart transplant and has since apologized. Kevin Bond created a Facebook page to raise awareness about his son, Hudson, who was born on July 18. Hudson has heart disease and is on a transplant waiting list.

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Twitter Announces Flight, its First Mobile Developer Conference (AllTwitter)
Twitter has announced its first mobile developer conference, called Flight, which will take place this October. Short notice, huh?

Hands-On: Mark Zuckerberg and Teach Kids to Code in New Website (VentureBeat) thinks that everyone can learn programming logic, even elementary school children. The computer science education nonprofit has teamed up with guest lecturer Mark Zuckerberg to teach programming through an extensive library of video game creation lessons.

Kerry Washington Dishes on Social Media, Sexism and Living in ShondaLand (LostRemote)
Buzzfeed Brews, the news outlet’s video series, featured a panel discussion last night with social television’s favorite (and maybe pioneering) stars: Ellen Pompeo of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal’s” Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis of ABC’s new show, “How to Get Away With Murder.” All three shows are written and produced by Shonda Rhimes, comprising what fans call “Shondaland Thursdays” or ABC’s “Shondaverse,” depending on their level of enthusiasm.

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Schedule Posts to Facebook and Twitter with Postfity (CNET)
If you lead a busy life online or manage a Facebook page or Twitter profile where you would like help scheduling posts, Postfity is a slick, easy-to-use, and free Web service that can help you stay on top of your social media comings and goings. The free version of Postfity lets you add up to five accounts, and you can schedule up to 10 posts a day.

CEOs with Social Media Presence Are Seen as More Innovative (SocialTimes)
CEOs are turning to social media more than ever, but they’re still not fully leveraging those tools, according to a new report from Domo and The researchers looked for social profiles for every CEO of a Fortune 500 company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

Brands Miss the Mark With 9/11 Tweets (Adweek)
Sept. 11 is a difficult time for brands to take on Twitter. While some industry observers applaud brands that try to inject themselves into social chatter, more often than not, tweets can end up as fiascoes in an otherwise well-meaning flurry of posts.

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