More Than Half Of All News Stories Shared On Twitter Are From The BBC [STUDY]

BBC News is the most shared British news source on Twitter, with almost three-quarters of a million (749,974) tweets sent every month linking to articles on the BBC website, says a new study.

This represents some 55.9 percent of all tweets sent from the ten mainstream news sources analyzed in the survey.

Rippla looked at 150,000 articles between November 2011 and May 2012 from the ten major UK news outlets, and found that the BBC had almost three times the number of tweets of The Guardian (265,145 tweets per month, 19.7 percent share), which took second place ahead of The Daily Telegraph (140,915 tweets per month, 10.5 percent share).

On Facebook, the Daily Mail’s sleazy but otherwise well-crafted balance of celebrity sensationalism and link-baiting, which has quickly established the Online Mail as the UK’s most-popular newspaper website (and second globally only to The New York Times) was enough to secure first place with a 35.8 percent share (624,278 shares), ahead of the BBC (29.6 percent, 515,684 shares) and The Guardian (23.3 percent, 405,782 shares).

Overall the top three news sources – the BBC, Guardian and Mail Online – received six times more social media links than all the other outlets combined.

“Social media now accounts for a huge proportion of links to news sites, from almost nothing just a few years ago,” said Sunny Hundal, founder of “It’s interesting to see how this affects journalism, as news outlets try and do stories that get shared around, but also see who does it best and how.”

(Source: News image via Shutterstock.)