Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn – How Much Money Do Social Media Users Make? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that almost one in five (17 percent) of Twitter users earn more than $100,000 per annum?

That’s the findings from a new survey from Compete, who used their internal demographic data to track the income breakdown of the top six social media sites.

Perhaps not all that surprisingly, LinkedIn users rated amongst the most affluent, with 27 percent commanding an annual income of more than 100K, which was beaten only by… Google+.

Yep. Some 30 percent of Google+ users rake in $100K or more each year, with less than one in five (19 percent) earning below $30K. Overall, the earnings of Twitter users were on par with Facebook and Tumblr, each of whom have a third of their user base earning below $30K per annum, with around half earning between $30 and $100K.

(Source: Compete. Money icon via Shutterstock.)