This Social Marketing Firm Has Revolutionized How to Tweet Against the Competition

Human touch, scaled by technology


Who Peter Friedman, chairman and CEO; Jenna Woodul, evp and chief community officer

What Social marketing agency

Where San Jose, Calif.

Though it’s been around since 1996, LiveWorld has adroitly adapted to an ecosystem completely transformed by Facebook and Twitter. Mammoths such as Walmart, Procter & Gamble, Bank of America, Pfizer and Louis Vuitton now trust LiveWorld to manage their social media. The company operates 4,600 content properties for 300 clients and ramped up revenue by more than 18 percent in 2013. “We bring a human touch scaled by technology,” said Peter Friedman, CEO of LiveWorld. His firm tackles competitors head-on with a revolutionary, evolving practice known as “Twitter conquesting,” where retailers quickly tweet an offer to consumers when they complain about a rival. Indeed, LiveWorld gives new meaning to “social Darwinism.”

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