Social Interview is Now the Third-Largest Application on Facebook

Social Interview, a quiz-style application that has grown to more than 31.6 million monthly active users, has just become the third largest application on the Facebook Platform by monthly active users, according to AppData.

The app was apparently developed by a two-man team — we’ve asked them for more details and haven’t heard back. It’s not so different from other apps in the quiz genre, with the variation being that you’re presented with a sequence of 20 to 25 questions. The app pulls random names from your Facebook friends list, pairs those names with a wide variety of random questions, then asks you to fill out an answer. There’s one page per question, and with each you have the option of posting a response to the person’s wall — this feature has probably been a key way for the app to grow.

Quiz apps tend to see massive growth for the very legitimate reason that people like answering questions and sharing the results with their friends. However, they tend to have a harder time getting a lot of engagement or making money. Social Interview, for example, has around 3 million daily active users, meaning ten percent of its users are on it every day.

Monetization is also pretty standard — it’s running banner ads for off-site quizzes. Those types of ads monetize by charging users to sign up for $10-a-month mobile subscriptions. The terms, from what we see on the ads that we clicked through, appear to be disclosed clearly enough to be allowed by on the platform — although there is a sordid history of these sorts of ads tricking users into signing up for the subscription by not clearly disclosing the terms. It’s not even clear how many users actually want that service anyway.

Overall, we expect Social Interview to have a harder time maintaining its audience numbers once the upcoming changes to Facebook’s viral channels kick in over the next few weeks and months, though the app’s use of explicit wall posts will continue to be allowed under the upcoming changes. We’ll let you know how the app and company are doing.