Social games news roundup: Double Fine, Portalarium and Disney

Double Fine announces Dropchord — Acclaimed game developer Double Fine Productions announced this week’s it’s working on a new music game called Dropchord for both the Leap Motion Controller and iOS devices. According to Double Fine, the game’s being worked on by members of the team responsible for its popular Kinect game, Kinect Party. Double Fine says the game will shipin May for Leap Motion, with Windows, Mac and iOS versions coming later.

Portalarium launches Kickstarter campaign for Shroud of the Avatar — Richard Garriott’s Portalarium today announced a Kickstarter for its new PC game Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues. Although the game looks like it’s a standard PC RPG, the game will utilize players’ social graphs like Facebook and Google+, as well as an ad-hoc multiplayer system. Within 12 hours of launching, the Kickstarter campaign’s almost met a third of its $1 million goal.

Disney brings Oz to its social games — In honor of Oz The Great and Powerful opening in theaters this weekend, Disney City Girl revealed a number of game tie-ins for the movie. Disney City Girl will provide players with the opportunity to wear outfits from the movie, and there will also be a flying monkey to serve as a guide through Oz-themed quests. Blackwood & Bell will feature tie-in Gem Chapter for both its Facebook and mobile version.

Wargaming joins forces with CCP and Meteor Entertainment — F2P browser game publisher announced this week that it’s joining forces with CCP and Meteor Entertainment to partner with monetization group Rixty to monetize their audience in key global markets. Rixty has over 75,000 cash payment locations in the U.S., 66,000 in Brazil and 360,000 in Asia Pacific through MOL Global Partners.

Avengers Alliance gets major update — Marvel: Avengers Alliance has a new update bringing some new characters to the game. Hank Pym (known as Yellowjacket, Giant Man and Ant Man) is a new playable character, and the Ultron and Kang are the starring villains of Spec Op 7, “Ghost in the Machine.” Finally, Playdom’s also revealed the Iron Patriot will be a playable character in the game in time for Iron Man 3’s theatrical launch.

Hotel Vegas comes to iOS [Launch] — Scotland-based Tagplay this week launched Hotel Vegas for iOS, the developer’s “most controversial title.” The game’s a mix of tower-building sim and hotel management with 60 floors to build and 30 celebrity lookalikes to collect. 

Disney’s newest social game is Disney Words of Wonder [Launch] — Disney Social Games today launched Disney Words of Wonder, a new Facebook title where players match letters and complete words.

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