Sociable Labs introduces ‘frictionless sharing’ Open Graph apps for e-commerce sites

Social commerce app provider Sociable Labs released a new suite of applications this week that allows online retailers to integrate Facebook Open Graph with their sites.

The EverShare app suite creates “frictionless sharing” for e-commerce sites so user activity automatically publishes to Facebook’s Ticker and Timeline. By licensing Sociable Labs’ software, businesses don’t have to build their own custom apps.

Retailers can add the EverShare activity stream to personalize customers’ experiences by displaying how friends have interacted with the site. Users can also set up activity alerts to get Facebook notifications when friends take action on the site. There is also a gallery feature that aggregates trending items in a Pinterest-style display.

We like that the apps give users clear understanding and control over how their activity is shared. The apps include a straightforward button to switch between sharing and private mode. There’s even a prompt to disconnect the app completely. These controls are important to generate trust among users. As more websites, especially e-commerce sites, integrate Open Graph, they should follow the example of EverShare and the news apps we’ve previously covered to maintain user privacy and promote more sharing in the long run.

Adding social applications to third-party sites could be the direction many retailers begin to take instead of creating page tab versions of their online stores. In cases where businesses already have successful e-commerce sites, it makes sense to integrate Facebook there rather than trying to port the store to another platform.