Sochi Pre-Games Are an Olympic-Sized #PRFail

Yesterday our own Shawn Paul Wood asked whether the Sochi Winter Games should win a medal for “Worst Olympics PR ever”, and this morning NPR’s Brian Lehrer asked whether the city is even ready for the 2014 games.

Now we have answers: “probably” and “hell, no.”

The journalists have just begun to arrive to cover the games, and their horror stories (with pictures) are already viral, so we’ll share some:

So…stick to the important stuff.

What did we just say? Oh, and about that water supply…

Olympic organizing committee president/CEO Dmitry Chernyshenko ensured frightened tweeters that there would be no dolphins involved in the games, but he couldn’t quite explain away those pics:

By “final testing”, did he mean “breaking into your room while you’re away”? FWIW, some of the complaints were a little less serious:

Now here’s an even more elaborate dinner story that a suffering journo shared with Consumerist:

“Nobody takes credit card and some places have just run out of food and drinks and bottled water.

When we went to pay and leave they said ‘No, nobody pay yet’…They had to drive a credit card machine up from the city so we could pay them.”

Some people are like, “get over it”, but we think it safe to say they’re in the extreme minority.

We hope that’s sarcasm. Is that sarcasm? We can’t even tell anymore.

It’s good that Vladimir “I must break you” Putin doesn’t give a damn what Westerners think, isn’t it?

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.