So You Think You Can Dance?

After we broke the news that Tucker Carlson will appear on the 3rd season of “Dancing With The Stars,” a substantial amount of buzz took place.

Everyone agrees that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will have a field day with this one. And of course there are some questions about whether this is a ratings stunt . But we bring you the full blog buzz on Tucker’s new gig.

  • The Cable Game: Sounds like Tucker and MSNBC are taking a cue from Jon Klein, who, remember, said way back in February that CNN doesn’t just compete with other news channels but with “‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘Skating with Celebrities.'” So basically, it looks like the 2nd place and last-place cable channels are really just dancing with each other. Tango!

  • Rapture Clock: Tucker Carlson Dances on the Deck of the Titanic

  • The Huffington Post: MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson will take his happy feet over to ABC for “Dancing WIth The Stars” where no doubt his predilection for bow ties will fit right in to the ballroom dancing portion of the competition.

  • Wonkette: Tucker, we kinda like you. Please, don’t do this. Chris Matthews would not audition for “The Flavor of Love,” Wolf Blitzer will not model for “Project Runway” (Cafferty might, but that guy’s just unpredictable). This is one step away from announcing your intention to contribute to “Hot Air.” Or guest-edit Wonkette. (Call us)

  • Jossip: Tucker Carlson Realizes His True Calling

  • Instapundit: Signs of the Apocalypse

    FishbowlDC also thinks that it may have been Tucker’s producer, Willie Geist, who first planted the bug in Tucker’s head way back in June 2005:

      GEIST (ph): Ballroom dancing is really hot right now, Tucker. Have you seen this “Dancing with the Stars” show?

      CARLSON: I haven’t. I missed that show, Willie. That’s what TiVo’s for, though.

      GEIST (ph): I am not ashamed to tell you I TiVo it every week. You haven’t lived until you have see Evander Holyfield foxtrot. It’s surreal, let me tell you.

      CARLSON: I think Erik Estrada may be on that show, or should be.

      GEIST (ph): If you’re not watching our show, watch “Dancing with the Stars.” Trust me.

    (Mary Ann Akers has some dirt on Tucker’s competition–and a crush on Tucker.)

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