So, What Do You Read, Matt Holzman?

Matt_fbla_swdyr.jpgChristmas only comes once a year, but luckily for Angelenos, the KCRW Pledge Drive comes twice. Really, does anything make you smile during your morning drive like the sound of longtime producer Matt Holzman giving away Macs and Hawaiian vacations to adoring and grateful Angels? But the curator of Matt’s Movies is not just generous, ladies. He’s sensitive, too. You have a heart made of a very special kind of stone if our favorite drive-time moment doesn’t reduce you to a puddle of tears.

We asked Holzman for the 10 top Web sites he visits daily. Here, for the second time this week, Matt gives us “The Business“:

  • KCRW
    “KCRW Presents, music playlists and DJ picks make me seem a LOT hipper than I actually am.”

  • Je Suis Supercool
    “My friend Alex’s blog is never relevant but always interesting and thoughtful. Thanks to her, I’m now a fan of ghost towns.”

  • Interactive Hank
    “Photography is my interest but my friend Hank’s livelihood and obsession, and what is the web but a place for the obsessed? Plus, you can see what’s happening with his kid Jack. They have an awfully good time together.”

  • Time and Date
    “YOU try arranging for a call with a reporter in Nairobi or London without a tool like this! Not only can you find out what time it is anywhere, but you can compare your time zone to their time zone to see where your working hours converge. God bless the web.”

  • Wikipedia
    “THE ORACLE settles all arguments — trivial or otherwise — once and for all. When I’m out and about, I like to text Google from my phone for the same reason. Peace finally reigns over the local pub.”

  • Transom
    “The public radio geek’s mecca. How-Tos, Why-Fors and great radio pieces.”

  • IMDB
    “What do you want? I produce a show about the business of show business.”

  • Seamist Skippers
    “I rent from these guys when I can scrape up the dough, but just looking at the boats makes me happy.”

  • JDate

  • “Notably absent: Defamer, Gawker, Perez Hilton and the like,” Holzman notes. “Who needs ’em?”

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    — Taffy Brodesser-Akner