So That’s Where Paula Scher Thinks About Her Maps

scher.184.jpgEvery so often, House& Home does an At Home With that we’re sort of confused about why they did it, or it seems just so very well timed with someone’s book launch, or etc etc. And then sometimes, House & Home does at At Home With where we just look at the pictures and are like Ooooooh we NEED to live somewhere like that.

That’s what happened today. Amy Goldwasser went to Paula Scher’s house (which she shares with a “deadpan” Seymour Chwast), and looked around. Mostly, it’s a very sweet story about how Paula and Seymour met, married, divorced (Seymour: “time off for bad behavior,”), and then married again. Now, she paints and he paints (separately), and her paintings are very large (possibly because her walls are larger).

It’s so unbearably cute we just might have to go equalize. With a little Kierkegaard.