So Snappy Together: Web-Based LEGO Magazine to Debut Print Version

brickjournal.jpgWe’ll be asking Santa for the LEGO Eiffel Tower (again) this year, but what to give our LEGO enthusiast friends who already have everything from the DUPLO Fun Zoo to the LEGO Boeing 787 Dreamliner? A subscription to BrickJournal, which after two years of digital publication will make its print debut in February 2008 with a new issue #1 that will be produced with assistance from…[reverent hush] LEGO’s corporate headquarters in Denmark.

Created by LEGO fan Joe Meno and published by TwoMorrows, BrickJournal bills itself as the ultimate resource for LEGO enthusiasts. The magazine’s digital version already averages over 100,000 downloads per issue (download the last digital-only edition for free here).

As for the look of the book, it’s a combination of brick and slick. “What attracted me to the magazine from the outset was Joe’s great graphic sense, and how he manages to present the material in a bold, visual style that befits the fun, graphic feel of LEGO bricks, but still keeps it slick enough so that it’s obvious the magazine is for AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO),” publisher John Morrow tells us. “That visual appeal should continue in the print version.”

And how to explain the enduring appeal of LEGOs? “Maybe it’s the primary colors, or the consistency of the manufacturing, but everybody knows a Lego brick when they see it,” says Morrow. “There seems to be sort of an instinct in all of us to build, and LEGO does a great job of bringing it out in everyone.” LEGO also seems to have something for everyone. “The LEGO building system grows with the builder,” adds Meno. “Children can build a small car with a cab for their minifigure, or an adult can build a larger model with working steering and suspension, or even a robotic version that can drive on its own.” Consider your Christmas shopping for your AFOL friends as good as done.