So, NPR is Just Like the Nazis?

Here’s one of those statements that really deserves a follow-up question: Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast interviewed Fox News chairman Roger Ailes. Ailes offered about National Public Radio,”They are, of course, Nazis. They have a kind of Nazi attitude. They are the left wing of Nazism.”

Kurtz should have asked what Ailes thinks of CSPAN or the BBC – they have to be like tyrannical WWII mass murderers too, right? Totally the same thing?

Needless to say, the NPR as Nazis has become a Twitter meme. Some hits:

This Aryan Life #NPRgoesNazi,” by John M. Becker

“We Have Ways Of Making You Car Talk #NPRgoesNazi,” by MightyOCD

Robert Siegel? Hey, where’s Robert Siegel?” #NPRgoesNazi by Mother Jones’ David Corn

We want to know when real Nazis are going to stick up for themselves. They surely do not like being compared to the first black president, expanding health care coverage or a non-profit radio network.