So-called iPad 2 Case Indicates Slots for SD Card & Video Out? (via M.I.C. Gadget)

M.I.C Gadget has a great set of photos of what they believe to be a form fitting clear case for the as yet unannounced iPad 2. You can see one of the photos reproduced to the left here.

NEW iPad 2 Case Added With Two New Holes (exclusive)

M.I.C. Gadget’s Chris Chang speculates that the case holes could indicate the addition of a video output (HDMI or mini-HDMI) and an SD slot. Both would reduce the number of iPad peripherals I need to carry around and would be welcome additions.

The one disappointment for me is that the case size indicates the iPad 2 will be roughly the same dimensions of the current iPad (9.7-inch display). I’m really hoping to see a more “carryable” iPad with a 7-inch display.