Synagogue Seeks to Be Shutdown Central

If the government shuts down and you need a place to hang out, never fear, Sixth & I Synagogue in downtown Washington is here for you.

“Government employees comprise a significant portion of Sixth & I’s community so we wanted to make sure that they had a place to go should they be affected, generating the idea behind Shutdown Central,” they announce in a release.

Fun and games await. There will be Political Ping Pong (red versus blue, with photos of certain government officials on the paddles), bipartisan board games, reading materials, constant streaming of “The West Wing,” and an informal meeting space with all of the essentials for non-essentials—free coffee, food, and Wifi.

If the shutdown seriously lingers, the place will turn into a “community incubator.” This means anyone is welcome to lead a short session in his or her area of expertise — which could mean anything from yoga to social media practices.