Snow: Returning to Work and Undergoing Chemo


CNN’s Ed Henry learned a bit more about Tony Snow’s return to the White House Press Briefing Room. (earlier)

From CNN, yesterday evening:

    BLITZER: Let’s go back to Ed Henry at the White House. There is news happening on that front.

    What’s going on, Ed?

    ED HENRY, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Wolf, some breaking news here.

    White House spokesman Tony Snow has just confirmed to CNN that he is now planning to come back to work next Monday and do the White House briefing, a comeback that’s much sooner than a lot of people expected. You will remember, late last month, Tony Snow, it was reported here at the White House, that his cancer had recurred; it had spread from his colon to his liver, but Tony Snow telling me a moment ago — quote — “I am expecting to be back Monday to work.”

    He also said that he will start chemotherapy next Friday, but said that he expects to be working through the chemotherapy. He said, if he has any problems during that treatment, he will — quote — “dial it back.” But he noted that the first time, several years ago, when he had colon cancer, he had chemotherapy for six months, and worked six days a week at FOX News, both on radio and TV.

    He said that there are some isolated tumors, and they’re trying to put them into remission with this chemotherapy. But he is now planning to come back to work on Monday — Wolf.

    BLITZER: And we hope his — his treatment is successful. And we wish him only, only the best.