Snow on Kinsolving

From a recent Q&A with Brian Lamb on C-SPAN:

    LAMB: Here’s another individual that is there every day. He’s been around for years. He used to wear an Episcopal priest’s collar. He no longer does.

    His name is Les Kinsolving.

    SNOW: Yes.

    LAMB: He asks questions that nobody else ever asks….

    LAMB: Lester Kinsolving is an institution there. Most people in the country don’t know who he is.

    Explain that.

    SNOW: Well, Les is. And really, it’s interesting, because he and I have had a set-to a couple of weeks ago, because he had asked the question. It was totally unanswerable. And it then – his publication had used that as a way to launch an attack on me and on the president.

    I said – and I took him on in the press room and said, “You can’t do that. That’s just improper.”

    But I like Les. I think he’s somebody who is very interesting. But the point I made to him is, “You’ve got experience and you’ve got brains. Use them. Come back to the press room,” because he actually has not been in the press room for two or three weeks.

    Come on back. You are welcome any time. I genuinely love and enjoy the guy.

    I said, “Make use of your talents. Come back and ask some questions that are on the news. Don’t ask me questions that you know I cannot answer. Don’t ask me to try to intervene in some city council dispute. Don’t ask me to comment on Paris Hilton. Ask me about something that does have a bearing on real policy.”

    But Les has always asked sort of the off-the-wall question that sounds provocative and titillating. And sometimes they’re perfectly great questions, but other times you just sort of wave them off.