Snow Flurries

Some updates on Tony Snow‘s pick:

  • The Washington Times reports how Snow’s tree fell in a forest when no one was around and it didn’t make a sound. Looks like WMET-AM pulled Snow’s radio show from the air in DC last month and a grand total of three listeners complained.

  • Ari Fleischer has emerged from whatever secure undisclosed location he’s been in for the last year to pen an op-ed for the Post: “As Tony Snow, the new White House press secretary, will soon discover, the briefing is no longer a briefing, it’s a TV show. Gone are the days when this daily session was a serious affair, with mostly serious questions asked and mostly serious answers given. Instead, the public is now treated to a spectacle in which the media do their best to pressure the White House, regardless of which party is in power, into admitting that much of what the president is doing is wrong, and the White House pushes back. The two sides talk past each other, and the viewing public gets to watch a good fight.”

  • NPR’s Mara Liasson writes, “Why would the White House hire someone to be press secretary who recently said that its communications operation was the worst ever? Either it’s simply masochistic or it’s keen on self-improvement. Perhaps with the president’s approval ratings at mid to low 30 percent, it’s just an example of the saying, ‘a drowning man will grasp even at a razor.'”