Sneak Peek at Chevy Volt’s Apple-esque Interiors


We’ve spoken some about the new Chevy Volt, GM‘s potential last hurrah in an attempt to get back into the world of quality automotive design, both recently with a post about release speculations and when we got to walk around the car and talk to its designers last year. Now we’ve run across some secretly snapped photos on the MotiveMag forum of the Volt’s interior control panels, the first anyone’s seen of GM’s new design push from the inside (when we saw the car last year, it was a prototype and its interior was simply mocked up). The finished product seems to be all touch sensitive (e.g., instead of buttons, you simply press the panel itself, like a touch screen). It also appears to be highly influenced by all things Apple and iPod, which certainly didn’t escape the commenters on the forum:

The $35k+ volt will be sold to older (30+) people who want to be “cool,” “hip,” and “trendy.” These people like the Apple Computer look. Honestly, it is proof of good market undertanding.