Snarking for a sponsor: goes advertorial for the WB

If this had been posted at on April 1st rather than April 3rd, I would have thought it was a joke:

As the weather gets warmer, crotches are a-stirring and Monica Crowley is positively purring. Oh, it’s spring, and the guys and dolls of television news are positively dripping with sex.

Or so says our sponsors at the WB, where tomorrow night marks the premiere of Pepper Dennis, starring Rebecca Romijn as television’s hottest newsgal (following a new Gilmore Girls at 8 PM – you know watch it). To celebrate the series premiere, they’re looking for the hottest anchors working in national news. Send us your nominations for the most attractive network or cable news anchors (both male and female, please!); come tomorrow, we’ll run a poll and let you decide which silver fox has the dreamiest eyes.

Send your nominations to It’s time to knock Katie Couric’s legs off of their well-oiled pedestal.

And the requisite PR-speak: For Breaking news on TV’s hottest honey (that would be Pepper), click here.

I’m not saying it’s morally wrong for the web’s leading purveyor of ‘snark’, whatever that is, to run an advertorial contest like this– hey, we all have to monetize– but it does see like some sort of small blog-culture landmark. By the way, be sure to sign up for lots of classes this week.