Smashwords Founder Thinks 2011 Is Year For Indie Authors

Smashwords founder Mark Coker thinks 2011 is poised to be the year for indie eBook authors.

With eBook adoption growing, Coker predicts that eBook sales will grow, agents will play a bigger role in the process, eBook prices will drop, and international eBook markets will explode.

GalleyCat has Coker’s predictions for the New Year. Here is one: “Agents write the next chapter of the ebook revolution – Agents, serving the economic best interests of the best-selling authors, will bring new credibility to self publishing by encouraging authors to proactively bypass publishers and work directly with ebook distribution platforms. Agents will use these publishing platforms for negotiating leverage against large publishers. The conversation will go something like this: ‘You’re offering my author only 15-20% list on ebooks when I can get them 60-70% list working direct with an ebook distributor like Smashwords or a retailer like Amazon?’”

Follow this link to see Coker’s ten predictions.

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