SmackTalk! for iPhone: My Prediction for the Next Entertainment Craze

Image courtesy of Marcus Satellite
I ran across the $1.99 iPhone app while scanning the iTunes App Store and was surprised it was no higher than #61 in the current list of top 100 paid apps…
SmackTalk! 1.1 (iTunes App Store)
It basically automates the process playing back whatever is said to it what might be called a chipmunk voice.

YouTube video courtesy of perfectbuzz
My suspicion is that this app will climb quite a bit higher in the paid apps list or, at the very least, hover in the top 100 for quite a while. My guess is that parents of small children (and maybe some not so small at all) will be the main consumers. However, if it could record longer phrases for later playback, it might be useful for short presentation segments in deadly dull meetings 🙂 This, by the way, appears to be planned for version 1.3 (1.1 is the current version).