Sly back from the grave

sly.jpgHollywood/print magazine synergy alert: American Media’s Stallone-centric Sly magazine will be returning to another bout on the newsstand despite its three-issue test run ending in a TKO. Reports WWD:

After crunching the numbers from the test, [AMI] has elected to publish a fourth issue, to be dated December/January. The magazine’s ad hoc editorial team of freelancers and Men’s Fitness staffers, which had been placed on hiatus, has resumed work on the title. “It’s nice to have an alternative magazine that comes from someone’s voice, someone’s perspective,” said editor in chief Neal Boulton.

Given Boulton’s involvement, I assume that Sly is being put together in AMI’s New York office. But if anyone sees Sly in Woodland Hills, please let me know.