SlotoBOOM: 3D Slots review

SlotoBOOM: 3D Slots is a Facebook and iOS-based slot machine game from Intense Games, who do not appear to have a website. The iOS app, which connects to the Facebook version, is available now as a free download from the App Store, and the Facebook version may be found here. This review is based on the Facebook version of the game.

SlotoBOOM is, at its core, a completely conventional slot machine simulator. The “3D Slots” part of the title is completely misleading, as the only vaguely “3D” art in the game is some static pre-rendered characters delivering the tutorial popups — the remainder of the game uses decent-quality 2D art.

SlotoBOOM allows players to compete on a variety of different slot machines, all of which work via the usual multiple win-line system — the more a player bets, the more chances they have to win. Any time the player wins, they have the opportunity to gamble their winnings by playing a simple card game in which they must pick a card higher than that drawn by the dealer. If the player is successful, they double their winnings and can gamble again; if they fail, they lose their winnings. The player may also elect to not risk their winnings if it was already a substantial amount.

As the player spins the reels, they gain experience points. On every level up, a coin bonus is awarded and sometimes new machines or higher stakes are unlocked. The player also receives a small coin bonus at regular intervals, shown by a constantly-updating countdown timer in the upper-right corner of the screen. Players may also receive daily bonuses from their friends who are playing the game — clicking on their portrait at the bottom of the screen causes it to spin like a slot machine reel and award the player with additional virtual currency.

The game monetizes primarily through sales of in-game currency with which to play, but there are a few additional packages besides. “Free” spins may be purchased with real money, and the wait time for the regular coin bonus may also be halved for a particular period of time with real money. Finally, an outlay of $3 gives players “VIP” status for a day, which awards them with 5,000 coins and access to all machines — even the ones they have not yet unlocked. This is actually a better deal than simply buying coins, as it costs $5 to purchase just 3,000 coins — though each coin-only purchase brings the player closer to a “Magic Gift” available after every third transaction.

SlotoBOOM’s main strength is its visual presentation. Its graphics, while not true 3D as the title suggests, are attractive and often well-animated, and each slot machine has its own distinctive visual character despite incorporating exactly the same mechanics. The sound fares less well, however, with each slot machine carrying an irritating 30-second music loop that has not been trimmed correctly at the end, causing a jarring “jump” in the audio every time it repeats — and there’s no means of turning off just this music and keeping the otherwise-good sound effects.

Ultimately, SlotoBOOM is another unremarkable slot machine sim to add to the pile of very similar titles on Facebook. It has some good ideas regarding monetization options, but the core gameplay is just as shallow and unrewarding as its numerous rivals. Slot machine sims will likely come into their own as real-money gaming starts to take a hold in territories that allow it, but at present they’re little more than mindless diversions with little in the way of long-term entertainment value, making SlotoBOOM one to skip.

SlotoBOOM currently has 280,000 monthly active users, 240,000 weekly active users and 80,000 daily active users, though there’s unfortunately no way of knowing how those figures divide between Facebook canvas and iOS players. You can follow the game’s progress with AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.


Yet another very conventional, predictable and unremarkable slot machine sim on Facebook.