Sleight of Hand?


In 2005, the Washington Times apologized for running an advertisement that too closely resembled anti-Semitism.

    In a letter to the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, Times vice president and general manager Richard Amberg Jr. said he was sorry “both personally and on behalf of The Washington Times” for the “offensive ad that appeared on Jan. 20.

    The advertisement was headlined “President Bush, May The Lord Jesus Christ Bless You and Guide You In Your Second Term,” but continued, “However, do not continue to allow those folk of the anti-Christ to influence you and/or control you. Israel and her Zionists are not a friend to Christianity, Christians or Christ!”

    The ad also said: “Don’t ever forget, the Iraqi war is Israel’s war paid for by the death of Americans — and the next generation’s financial security.”

    The ad is signed “In Christ, Stan Rittenhouse,” and promotes a book Rittenhouse wrote titled “For Fear of the Jews.”

The book was published by The Exhorters, Inc.

So, we had to scratch our heads when, in last Wednesday’s paper, there was a full-page ad for…what? Stan Rittenhouse’s book. Granted, the language wasn’t as inflammatory as the one in 2005 and it didn’t mention the book by name — just saying “A must read ($20.00) is Stan Rittenhouse’s Revealing Book — but the ad was purchased by The Exhorters, Inc.

Is it a fair ad or a clever sleight of hand? Let us know your thoughts…